Project Title Enhancing Citizens Capacity about Legal Rights through Community Legal Aid Clinics
Overview The project aims to establish and enhance legal aid clinics in Pakistan to provide accessible and affordable legal assistance to underserved populations. These clinics will be established in various regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, focusing on areas with limited access to legal resources and services. By bridging the justice gap, the project seeks to promote social justice, empower marginalized communities, and ensure equal access to legal remedies.
Achievements Achievements Increased Access to Justice: Underserved populations will have improved access to legal assistance, enabling them to protect their rights and seek legal remedies.

Empowered Communities: Through legal awareness campaigns and education, communities will become more informed about their legal rights, leading to increased empowerment and agency.

Enhanced Legal Services: The legal aid clinics will provide quality legal services, ensuring competent representation and effective resolution of legal issues. Strengthened Legal Aid Infrastructure: The project will contribute to the development of a robust legal aid infrastructure in Pakistan
Project Title Access to Justice for Vulnerable Population of District Swat
Overview The Access to Justice for Vulnerable Populations in Pakistan project is being implemented by The Asia Foundation in partnership with Insaf Network Pakistan (INP). The goal of the project is to improve access to justice and human rights through the provision of efficient, cost effective legal assistance and protection for vulnerable populations.
Achievements Free of Cost Legal aid provided to 200 victims of violence
Counseling services provided to 350 victims of violence
1000 walk in visitors
50 Community meetings
3200 Calls received
4 Wheel chairs and
assistive devices provided
Financial Assistance worth Rs 1.5 million Rupees provided
Medical Aid Provided to 15 survivor of violence
50 Clients Supported through Alternate Dispute Resolution District Justice Forum Established
Counseling Services for women in DarulAman
Project Title Supporting Women GBV Survivors
Overview This is a self-initiated programme of “The Awakening” to provide emergency assistance to victims of extreme forms of gender based violence and harmful traditional practices. The program can support these individuals with small, short-term grants for expenses that include, but are not limited to, medical expenses, psychosocial support or counseling, emergency shelter or other safe accommodation, relocation expenses, livelihood and dependent support (including foster care and other forms of child care), and legal assistance.
Achievements Financial Assistance worth Rs 5.5 million Rupees provided to women survivors of violence
Medical Aid worth 2 million Provided to 15 women survivor of violence through referral partners
A Strong referral mechanism established
14 Wheel chairs and 10 assistive devices provided to the women survivors of violence
Free of Cost Legal aid provided to 200 victims of violence
Counseling services provided to 350 victims of violence